About Us

The IBFA England is promoted by Spalding local Gym Heroes Gym.
History: The show started out as an independent Mr Lincolnshire show ran by a local Gym in Sleaford Lincolnshire. The Gym owner changed management who took over the running of the show in 2014. In order to help running Heroes Gym partnered with New Image Gym in 2015 and held the show in it’s regular venue in Sleaford. In 2016 Heroes Gym took over the running of the show and held it for the final time in Sleaford and joined the IBFA to make the show an early Autumn qualifier for the next years IBFA British Final. In 2017 the venue was moved to a more modern auditorium in the Lincolnshire market town of Spalding Lincolnshire. In 2018 due to unforeseen circumstances the IBFA England promoter was unable to run the show in the normal location of Nottingham. So the IBFA did not lose this prestigious show the two shows ran side by side as a combined Mr & Miss England incorporating Mr & Miss Lincolnshire. For 2019 it was decided the show would run in the new location as Mr & Miss England.