Athlete Expectations

Athletes are expected to respect the following.

The venue. We have an awesome venue, and have ran for 2 years without any big cleaning bills or threats of being disallowed to hold the show. We have a good relationship with the venue, and we hope to keep this. Therefore we expect athletes to not use dream tan. Although some athletes prefer this look, it’s a dirty product and is responsible for many shows losing their prestigious locations. Keep the venue tidy, take your rubbish with you and report and accidents or damage to the event organisers.

Other athletes. Please respect one and other. Everyone has worked hard to be on the stage, and everyone wants to have a memorable experience. Do not antagonise one and other.

The event organisers. Although every effort is made to keep the show running on time without hiccups things will inevitably go wrong. This is never intentional and every effort will be made to rectify issues as soon as they arrive. Be patient, and calm at all times.

The judges. This is a thankless task. Many judges do what they do without any reward and often backlash. Remember, there are no conspiracies and no one ever gets ‘robbed’. It would take a whole panel of corrupt judges with a grudge against an individual to corroborate an intentional ‘wrong placing’. Although our athletes are what makes the show and federation, no one is worthy of that level of planning and conspiracy. You WILL be judged fairly, along with every other athlete, so respect their decision. If you require feedback please ask via social media or email after the show, or during the interval.